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Reports on some of our past meetings
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January Advanced Language Patterns that Change Your Mind –– a talk by Russell Potts
April Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy –– a talk by Nicola Martin
May Empowering clients between & beyond hypnotherapy sessions – A talk by Catherine Dixon
January Ego State Therapy –– a talk by Patrick Browning
February How to read your client and develop your intuition – a talk by Jenny Lynn
March Conversational Hypnosis – a talk by Russell Potts
April Eating Disorders – an Open Evening discussion
May Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling – A talk by Wendy Sullivan & Margaret Meyer
June CRUSE: Bereavement Counselling – A talk by Julia Davies
July Dental Hypnosis – a talk by Russell Potts
September Anxiety – an Open Meeting discussion
October Addictions – an Open Meeting discussion
February Hypnotherapeutic Storytelling for Natural Change Work
a talk by Pamela Gawler-Wright
March Unconscious Signals in Hypnotherapy – A talk by Russell Potts
April The Hypnotherapy Profession post-HPC Regulation – a tak by Shaun Brookhouse
May New Code NLP – a talk by Peter Salisbury
June Future Life Progression – A talk by Anne Jirsch
July Sound Therapy and its use in treatment – A talk by Chantal Fabrice
September The Truly Dynamic Therapist – A talk by Jacquelyne Morison
October Understanding the senses, their mode of function and implication in hypnotherapy –
A talk by Dr Fathieh Saudi
February Eye  Movement Technique (EMT): A simplified form of EMDR
– a talk by Patrick Browning
March Past  Life Regression as a metaphor: A talk by Juli  Arthurs
April Obsessive Compulsive Disorders – an Open Evening
May Traditional Chinese Medicine and the basis of EFT – a talk by Catherine Dixon
June Control Room Imagery for physiological change – a talk by Adrian Dodd
July Working with Children – Presented by Siobhan Hill Elam
September Inner Child Therapy – an Open Evening
October Soul Retrieval and Cord Cutting - a talk by Fiaz Ayub
January Legal implications of smoking laws - a talk by Penny Walford
May Emotional Freedom Techniques - a talk by Judy Byrne
July What memories we have ... or maybe not - an Open Evening led by Adrian Dodd
September Cognitive Behaviour Therapy:  A talk by Dr Petite Rao e
November Metaphors of Movement or Ideodynamic Work- a talk by Fiaz Ayub
June Understanding the functions of the mind: Some implications in clinical hypnotherapy - A talk by Dr Fathieh Saudi
January Hypnotherapy and IBS - an Open Evening discussion
March Workshop on Hypnotic Techniques to deal with Anxiety and Illness
April Developing a Successful Practice – An interactive workshop with Shaun Brookhouse
November Regression in therapy
October Understanding the Nature of the Unconscious - A talk by Benny Nagari
June Is hypnotherapy losing its edge - A talk by James Pool
May Autogenic Therapy for the Hypnotherapist - A talk by Marion Brion
April Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - A workshop presented by Dr Dale Beckett
February Insurance Matters - A talk by Caryll Monument & Jeff Laider
September The LifeMapperª Motivator - A talk by Terrence Watts
July A Question of the Right Questions - a talk by Pauline Havelock-Searle
June Self Image - a talk by Avy Joseph
May Anger, Forgiveness - plus a bit of guilt - a talk by Juliet Bonnett
April A weight off one's mind - an open evening to discuss weight control techniques
March Words R Us
February Wordweaving - the Science of Suggestion: A talk byTrevor Silvester
January Difficult Clients & Secondary Gains: A open discussion evening for members and guests
November Introduction to hypnotherapeutic storytelling - a talk byPamela Gawler-Wright
October Hypnosis for Healing: A discussion evening for meeting on establishing the root causes of presenting problems
September Examining Sexual Dysfunction
July Hypnosis and Pre and Postoperative Surgery
June Hypnotherapy for Pregnancy
May Clean Language
March Rapid Induction
May Life Coaching - a talk by Jayne Saul-Paterson
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