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Thursday 19TH January 2012
What does EFT have to give hypnotherapists?  

What do hypnotherapists have to give EFT?

EFT  - or Emotional Freedom Techniques – is one of the meridian energy therapy tools that have been dramatically changing the way therapists work with clients in the 21st Century.  

Einstein said everything is energy.  It took us a time to realise that meant us, too – although we have good evidence that people understood the idea of meridians and their relevance in treatment 5,500 years ago.

Judy Byrne presented an oversight of what EFT is and how it could be used to work with everything from symptom relief in physical problems, performance enhancement, anxiety, phobias, all the way through to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   


Judy Byrne
Judy Byrne

trained in psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis and has a private practice in South East London. She devised and taught an NCH approved hypnotherapy course for several years and has taught hypnosis to psychotherapy students.   She is an NCH senior clinician and a Fellow of the Hypnotherapist Society. She is also an EFT founding master (one of only 29 worldwide), and runs EFT courses in Central London.  
You might like to look at her website -  - before the meeting, it has a wealth of free EFT resources.



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