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Thursday 20th January 2011
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Advanced Language Patterns that Change Your Mind

A talk by Russell Potts - Back by popular demand

One of the society's regular speakers Russell Potts presented and demonstrated the mind altering and mind expanding effects of conversational language based interventions at the JSB's first meeting of 2011

Russell Potts Russell Potts

As a consulting hypnotherapist is aware all client presenting problems display the characteristic of an un-resourceful trance state.

It’s this state that drives the problem and obscures the available resources and abilities.

With the use of language based interventions the boundaries of these negative trance states can be dissolved to reveal the vast availability of potential and resourceful abilities which provide the solution to the problem.

These language based interventions may include language of Space, Time, Matter and Energy to deconstructing realities In favour of new and more beneficial realities.

President of the International Hypnosis Society  – a progressive international training organisation he co-founded with Training Trances author Julie Silverthorn – Russell’s aim is to demystify hypnosis and help it become a distinctly recognised field and help bring its benefits to more people worldwide.
Russell has over 10 years experience in the field and his students enjoy his passion knowledge and skill as well as his ability to distil and lateralise information and provide clear demonstrations.

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